A2M Power Technologies offers a complete range of isolators and accessories for underground, transmission and distribution networks. We are dealing in HV, MV and LV distribution line material such as isolators, surges arresters, fuses accessories and sub-station equipment.

Surge arresters

A2M Power Technologies specializes in supplying surge arresters for primary protection against atmospheric and switching overvoltage. Strongly focusing on quality, our surge arresters fulfill the latest IEC 60099-4 and ANSI/ IEEE C62.11 standards and are manufactured using a highly non-linear ceramic resistor material. We supply Ac system surge arresters, electric railway surge arresters with porcelain and polymeric housing and surge arresters for special condition and area

The fail-safe short-circuit capability is verified in short-circuit tests in accordance with IEC and Type test report issued by KEMA or CNAL member.

Arresters with lower or higher voltages and special arresters for suspension, inverted mounting or other angular erection are available on request.


Designed in accordance with international standards IEC, ANSI, CSA and the respective customer specification, our high quality Insulators are widely used in the area of electricity distribution and transmission. We supply the entire insulator chains from long rods, post, hollow insulators made of ceramic, glass or silicone.

We offer a complete line of insulators long rods used for suspension and span poles for high voltage transmission systems and railway electricity networks. We customize design insulators to your specific requirements.

We also also offer a complete range of line post and station post insulators long rods used in switchgears, busbars and capacitor bank platforms.  Manufactured and tested in accordance with the standards IEC 60273, IEC 60168, IEC 60672 and ANSI C29.

A complete range of glass insulators to satisfy with the requirements for both power transmission and communication lines with all kinds of the voltage grades. Manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC, BS, AS, and ANSI standards. We customize design according to your specific requirements.


A2M offers a complete range of fuses cuts-outs customized designed and tested as per IS: 2026, BS-171, IEC-76 & IEC-726.

Power line fittings