Electrical energy meters

We offer a complete range of electromechanical or electronic energy meters, with or without prepayment, efficient and competitive, manufactured by select partners who are recognized for their quality.

Conventional meters

Electronic meters

  • Robust
  • Precise measurement of active energy
  • Very competitive
  • Anti-vandalism protection

Electro-mechanical meters

  • Robust
  • Display always visible even when there is a power outage
  • Visualization of consumption with a rotating disc meter

Miniature meters

  • Compact and precise
  • Easy to install
  • Dvisional or apparent Din rail mounting kit
  • Ideal for campsites or apartment blocks with private billing

Prepayment Energy Meters

  • Large display with clear messages
  • STS or SmartCard system
  • Software in English and/or French
  • Double insulation and anti-fraud construction
  • LED or LCD consumption rate indicators
  • Interchangeability between manufacturers that comply with the STS system
  • End-user controls his/her own consumption